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WorkQuest is a marketplace and decentralized payment provider connecting employers and employees worldwide. The platform operates on the WorkNet blockchain and offers mobile applications for global operations.
Our Challenge
Develop an innovative marketplace connecting employers and employees globally, leveraging blockchain technologies and DeFi products


Blockchain (Solidity & Go)
  • Development of smart contracts on Solidity for secure and transparent interactions between participants.
  • Comprehensive testing and modification of existing contracts.
  • Management and optimization of the existing blockchain using Go, including the execution of optimized transactions.
  • Adaptation and enhancement of pre-existing solutions.
  • Integration with web3 to ensure interaction with the blockchain.
  • Design and adaptation of the interface for a comfortable interaction with the ecosystem.
  • Enhancement and optimization of the existing platform design.
  • Manual and automated testing of the platform's DeFi functionality.
  • Deep immersion in the project's logic and technical aspects to ensure maximum reliability.
Mobile Application
  • Work on mobile applications for the wallet and the main platform.
  • Integration of new features and interaction with existing code.
Key benefits and tools
Rating and feedback system stored on the blockchain, incentivizing honest and prudent interaction among users.
DeFi products available for platform users, including savings programs, staking, liquidity mining, retirement programs, P2P insurance, lending, and borrowing.
  • Users can earn $WQT tokens by providing liquidity on platforms like Uniswap.
  • After completing a Quest, users can convert their rewards into WorkUSD ($WUSD) for passive income or purchasing other tokens.
  • A decentralized insurance fund supports employees and employers with high ratings.
  • A retirement accumulation program allows users to automatically transfer a portion of their earnings to a savings account.
WorkQuest has become an innovative solution offering unique tools and services for the global job market, ensuring transparency, security, and convenience for all its users.
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